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At Women In Coffee, we are passionate about empowering women and supporting their entrepreneurial endeavors. We believe that when women succeed, communities thrive. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to working with women-owned coffee companies in Ethiopia, a country known for its rich coffee heritage. Through our volunteer program, we invite you to join us in making a positive impact on the lives of these remarkable women and their communities.




By volunteering with us, you will directly contribute to the empowerment of women-owned coffee companies in Ethiopia. Your efforts will help create sustainable livelihoods, promote gender equality, and uplift entire communities.


Our volunteer program offers a unique chance to develop valuable skills. Whether it’s marketing, business development, or project management, you’ll gain hands experience while making a meaningful difference.


Connect with like-minded individuals, both locally and internationally, who share your passion for women’s empowerment and sustainable development. Build lasting relationships and expand your professional network.
The who

Who Can Volunteer

We welcome volunteers who are passionate about supporting and working with women-owned coffee companies in Ethiopia. If you meet the following criteria, we would love to have you contribute content for our company:

Coffee Sector Experience

Having experience or knowledge in the coffee sector is highly desirable. This could include working in coffee production, processing, roasting, brewing, or any other related field. Your expertise will help us create valuable and relevant content for our audience.

Strong Communication Skills

As a content volunteer, you should possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. This will enable you to effectively convey information, stories, and experiences related to women-owned coffee companies in Ethiopia.

Time Availability

Volunteering requires a certain level of time commitment. Please ensure that you have sufficient availability to contribute regularly and meet deadlines for content creation.