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With three generations of coffee growers in the family, YKM Coffee comes from a rich tradition of coffee grower and exporter family in Ethiopia. Our passion for exquisite beans goes back some 54 years when our grandfather Alemayehu Yirdawe, began to farm, harvest and sell coffee way before any coffee processing machines were used in Ethiopia’s coffee growing regions. In those days, he used hand operated washing station in Yirgachefe town located in the Southern part of Ethiopia. Subsequently, he became one of the first coffee producers to install modern washing station in the same town.

Today, our coffee export business has grown to become one of the biggest coffee growers and exporters in Ethiopia with 3 washing and 6 sundried stations in Yirgacheffe, Guji Hambela, Gedeb (Taretu), and Sidam. In addition to these, the family owns a 450 hectors of coffee plantation in the town of Bonga, the birth place of Arabica Coffee in Keffa the ancient name for the part of the present-day Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ State region in which Bonga lies

We have 32 salary based and 490 daily employees at pick season, 47% of them are women

We aim to take advantages of our coffee expertise, modern technology such as the internet and pro coffee exporter’s government regulations to grow, source and supply 100% organic and traceable green coffee beans to buyers across the globe.

Cup of Excellence 2020 Ethiopia Success

YKM Coffee was excited to participate in the 2020 edition of the Cup of Excellence held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia between 6th and 10th of April.

We are proud to announce our company becomes one of the top 40’s finalists Coffee winners in CUP OF EXCELLENCE Ethiopian competition from 1459 collected samples. Our sample was from Guji Alaka, Hambela Wamena which goes under the name of Yednkachew Seleshi . (One of the founders of YKM COFFEE Export)The success of YKM Coffee in the 2020 Cup of Excellence is encouraging as it resulted in an increase in demand for our quality coffees from across the globe. We appreciate all our colleagues for your hard working on the journey of this success.


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