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Yehualawork Tekabe Coffee Export was founded in 2018. Yehualawork Tekabe, the general manager, and Ruth Dejene, the export manager, are in charge of running the business. Since the year it was founded, the company has been selling coffee to buyers in Alaska and North Carolina, USA, and recently to China.

Nearly 90% of the coffee that is exported comes from the sister company of Yehualawork Tekabe Export, called Dejene Tadesse Coffee Supplier. Three coffee processing facilities owned by the company—two of which are located at elevations of at least 2000 meters—include one in which it has a stake. This has a direct impact on the quality of the coffee we make and sell. We have the chance to travel to Sidamo and work at the washing station as a result.

In 2021, Yehualawork went to one of the washing stations and produced an exclusive batch of anaerobic coffee for one of our customers. Each of the washing stations employs 90–110 seasonal workers, more than half of whom are women, and six permanent staff. Our sister company purchases coffee cherries from farmers and produces green coffee beans using various processing techniques. Some of the coffee kinds produced include washed, natural, and anaerobic coffee, which we recently began producing. All washing stations are located in Sidamo, Ethiopia, and are each given their own zone name.

The foundation of our business is the sale of premium coffee from a directly traceable source with integrity and a constant supply. Our goal is to ensure that every consumer receives only the purest, highest-quality Sidamo coffee. We want people to enjoy the best coffee from Ethiopia, the country of origin.

As members of Women in Coffee, we had the opportunity to network with other exporters, farmers, and producers of coffee and exchange knowledge and experiences. Being surrounded by other female farmers, producers, and exporters from throughout the nation is really beneficial and motivating.

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