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MOCCA coffee is a private limited company that is owned by two sisters Tsedenia Abayneh and Altayen Abayneh. Both the sisters were born and raised in Yirgacheffe Ethiopia, where one of the best coffees in the world grows. Their father Mr. Abayneh Kebede has been in the coffee supply business since 1990. The Siblings are the second generation of coffee producers for the family. Before establishing MOCCA, Tsedenia worked in coffee processing and export company(Kanketi Coffee Export) for more than 5 years with her brother Mr. Fekadu Abayneh. Altayen on the other hand has run a coffee shop business since 2011.

MOCCA coffee export focuses on Specialty Grade coffees and will also be engaged in trading commercial coffees to fulfill the interest of its customers across the globe.

Ethiopia has one of the best coffees in the world. Mocca improves the quality of the coffee by ensuring quality in every aspect of the coffee processing and exporting. Globally, the demand for specialty and special prep coffees is increasing. MOCCA, as a company has been invested in finding the excellence and expertise in the sector that knows thoroughly the science of fermentation and the depth of flavors in coffee. We believe, the expert-led process, both that comes from across the world and from the very local processes makes our coffee processing and export unique.

Our Company is working in Yirgacheffe (Gedio Zone) and in Hambela(Guji zone). Mocca is preparing different processing on top of the usual washed/Natural processes. Such as Honey, Anaerobic, Semianaerobic, and etc.

MOCCA works closely with the coffee growers to ensure the quality of the coffee supplied to its stations. In line with our relationship with the Coffee growers in the area, MOCCA, as a company that grows from the local plan to design and develop several community services to benefit the community we work with. For this, we plan to support existing ones and build new platforms such as schools and wellbeing centers for the betterment of the community

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