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JEROCCIA Coffee Exports was founded by Mahalet Solomon, a female entrepreneur in 2012 G.C. Mahalet is an Engineer, a Coffee Farmer & Trader.

At its incorporation, JEROCCIA was and engineering firm established in 2012 G.C to provide professional Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering Services to the construction Industry. Having Quality, sustainability, social responsibility, Integrity and excellence at its core JEROCCIA excelled in the construction industry and the company envisaged a diversification strategy in to the Agro-sector. .In doing so the leader of the company decided to engage in the specialty coffee supply chain.

In 2020 GC Mahalet moved to her childhood passion and become a coffee Farmerette, starting her own coffee farm and coffee trading business.

As Mahalet tells her story, “I grew looking up to my grandma, who was a coffee farmer. Now three years later I see this venture bearing fruit driven by a lot of passion and reached to a point where I now own a farm. As a widow of a farmer in the country side, she taught me how to handle coffee farm and made me grow to be a strong and confident young girl. Back in the days, when women attended our coffee ceremony at grandma’s, many social and financial challenges used to be discussed and solved. With that in mind, at my own coffee farm, located in the famous Arabica coffee growing village called Arebegona, in Sidama Zone, I have hired more than 55 women which is 95% of the total employee. This is to empower and give back what I have been bestowed upon. In light of that, I have named my Premium roasted coffee blend Tikun after the name which my grandma used to call me.”

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