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Our Story:
Ephtah Specialty Coffee was established to build sustainable collaborative supply chains for the benefit of our customers, farmers, and their wider communities. We take a specific interest in promoting the role of women within our industry, as we see women as being the main driver of positive social and economic change in Ethiopia.

Our passion is delivering fantastic coffee whilst improving the lives of the people in the communities we work in.

Our aim is to deliver quality at every step of the shipment. We focus on only supplying
the highest quality green coffee beans. We provide a high-quality niche service to our clients and partners, ensuring all stakeholders in the supply chain are happy at the end of every shipment.

Women inclusion and empowerment:

Anyone who has visited a coffee processing site in Ethiopia will know that women are integral to the industry. Most of the low paying seasonal labour is provided by women but very few farms are women owned. In addition, those farms are often less productive as women have less access to resources – primarily inputs, finance, and training.

Our approach has four main pillars:

1. We hire women where we can – specifically we put women in leadership positions, most of our management team are women.
2. We provide training programs around production and quality analysis to help improve women’s knowledge and confidence. This often leads to an improvement in their access to finance which can lead to dramatic improvements in their standard of living.
3. We create safe spaces for women in the communities we source from. We collaborate with local groups to encourage women in the community to become involved in local decision- making processes and leadership positions.
4. Through our Ama Commitment scheme, we provide women with alternative sources of income. Please contact us to discuss how we can work together changing the lives of women in rural Ethiopia.

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