Bethura’s Coffee Roastery / Consultancy

A woman owned coffee roasting that once formed a small group of woman to produce a pure
Ethiopian roasted coffee came a long way through the past few years! Our company has a team
of well-trained coffee professionals to produce a good quality coffee, starting from the farm
through packing the coffee and delivering it to our customers. It’s carefully harvested and
processed by woman that are proud to be doing what they do! Because of them, we are
confident in our product and try to tell a story in every sip you take.
At Bethura’s Coffee Roastery, purity is what we value the most and so, we are committed to
serving and inspiring the world by processing Ethiopia’s finest traceable green beans, the way
it’s meant to be!
With more than 10 years of experience in the coffee sector in Ethiopia and abroad, Bethura’s
Coffee Roastery supports woman that have a vision of joining the coffee industry, guiding them
to a better future and so, Bethura’s Coffee Consultancy was formed. Our vision is to expand our
company internationally and come in hand for those who needs our assistance.

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Betelhem Hailgebreil

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